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Saturday, 18 April 2015

My Daughter the record breaker

Hello again not my normal post but I am such a proud mother and have been given the go ahead to tell the world.My youngest daughter has not had life easy as she was born with a bone disease and has faced a lot of challenges thoughout her life but she always remains positive and would put people to shame with her wonderful attitude.Last Saturday she was in a competition and this is what she won......
Yes thats right power lifting!! she trained really and although it took alot out of her physically she is so proud of herself and rightly so,we all are.Not only did she get the wonderful medal and certificate,but she also smashed 4 records in her class....
 Myself, her dad,sister,brother-in-law and niece are so proud of her,the little girl who couldn't do sports day did this! And now her husband is lifting gosh I couldn't even tell you the weight but its alot,next I think he will be breaking records!!!

                                           Dorothy x

New Challenge at Get Creative Challenges starts Monday

Hello crafters well as it says in the title the new challenge for the team I am part of begins on Monday 20th,many thanks to our wonderful host Angie for all the hard work she does and for keeping us all in line ( now that takes talent!!).The challenge this time comes with images from our wonderful sponsor Lacey Sunshine Stamps and the very talented artist Heather Valentin,our challenge is to use pink,purple and green.I did put some pictures on a few days ago but the card I made and choose to enter was this one......
the card,flower and background were all cut using my cricut explore and the image was coloured using spectrum noir blendable pencils,the image was a great pleasure to colour and please do head over and see the other dt cards they are amazing.So give it a go you've got nothing to lose,and to make it easier just click and it should take you to it.Even if you don't enter its a great site for inspiration and to have a look at the beautiful images!

                                                Dorothy x

Thursday, 16 April 2015

More from Explore!

Well I have to admit sometimes with the print and cut feature on my cricut Explore I do feel a little guilty,as if I'm cheating!! The reason well as some of you in the uk will know getting hold of a hello kitty cartridge for the cricut can be a nightmare and really expensive,so I went online and looked for 'free' downloadable images of hello kitty,I uploaded these to Design Space for the Explore and this is the result.....
I must also say it does help to have a good quality card for printing on,my personal favorite is a decoupage card by crafters companion which prints really well.....

even the words printed and cut,such a wonderful machine and so quiet I can use it all night without waking anyone up!!!

                                                    Dorothy x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Easy Side Step card!!!

Good afternoon friends I was going to call this post a side step card for dummies but then realized I was calling myself a dummy!!! hahaha,anyway for anyone out there who has never made a side step card because they look to complicated well then this is for you....start of with an a4 sheet of card...
fold this in half using your bone folder to give it a clean crisp fold..
the next step requires some measuring but not much,looking at the card this way it is 15cms wide so decide where you want to put your step and mark down 7 cms....
the pencil shows where I am marking as I have turned the card round here,don't know why but thats just me!!cut down this line you've marked....
now where the cut finishes fold the card....
give this a good fold and then you will see that you have a fold on the front and back of your original card,tuck this piece inside and there you have a side step card ready to decorate.....

to decorate mine I have choosen some Rachelle Anne Miller (by crafters companion) toppers I had and some backing paper,and this is my finished card......

so quick and easy to make and sure to please any recipient,and can be used to any occassion!!

                                             Dorothy x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Coffee Jar Night Light!!

Hello crafters,thought I'd have a go at up-cycling,so I had a coffee jar,a battery powered tea light and some other bits and pieces,the finished light looks like this.....
now for how I got there.Firstly I put the finished coffee jar though the dishwasher and removed the lable.
Next step I removed the screw lid and placed it on some coloured card and drew around it.....
After cutting this circle out I then put the tea light om this circle and drew around it but I don't want to cut the entire circle out I just want to be able to get to the on/of switch....

I added some sliver mirri card just to reflect the light.When you're happy with the position of the tea light glue it down and leave to the side to dry,I used pinflair gel I find it really strong when it dries.
Now you can decorate the rest of the jar,I went for a butterfly theme (even though I dont like them,everyone else seems to!),I used my cricut explore and some purple vinyl,I also cut some butterflies from matching paper(matching the bottom piece) for the top....
I added a matching piece of paper to cover the screw part of the jar.
I took my lid again and drew around it on the same patterned card as the bottom but this time I cut it a little smaller as this was for the top of the jar,I cut 6 little slits in this and then I cut 3 pieces of clear acetate and I put them through the card to attach the paper butterflies to,I then glued this to the top of the jar and added some paper flowers for decoration,lastly I glued the tea light on the card to the bottom of the jar and when it was dried I tested it out.....
By night

By day
cheap as chips but very effective!!

Dorothy x

Monday, 6 April 2015

Sunny Easter!

Everytime recently when I have sat in front of my computer to blog my mind just goes blank,so this is why I haven't blogged for a while,also we have been minding our little granddaughter which is such a treat.
 Anyway to get back to something crafty,the challenge I'm working on this month as part of my DT is to use the colours pink,green and purple.I have made 3 but just couldn't decide which one to use so I asked my best husband to choose,so the one I will be using is this one
the card,lattice background and flowers were all cut on my cricut explore.These little flowers are rolled up using a quilling tool but they come out beautifully,the image was coloured with spectrum noir blendable pencils which I just enjoy using very much.

this is a close up just to show how beautiful these little flowers are,I also embossed the purple mirror card and added the purple paper bow.
These were the other 2 cards which I made using the same colours and spectrum noir pencils

again any bits were cut using my cricut explore and some embossing in the background.I will be putting details of the challenge these cards have been made for within the next few weeks but if you're interested head over to Get Creative Challenges for a look around.

                                        Dorothy x

Sunday, 29 March 2015

It's Nearly Easter!!

Oh my goodness this year seems to be getting faster and faster.I mean it seems no time at all that I was getting excited about becoming a grandmother and now I have the pleasure of minding my beautiful granddaughter in the mornings for an hour while my daughter goes to the gym and boy do I love every minute of it!
she just loves lying on the settee getting tickled,what a joy she is,such a happy little girl and the apple of my eye.
Anyway I'm getting all soppy going on about my granddaughter,as I said this year is going so fast and it's nearly Easter already,thank goodness the Explore has some great baskets to cut so here are 3 I've made today......

I love being able to resize and decorate,it keeps all the baskets unique and perfect for each individual!
I've also being doing a little colouring with my spectrum noir pencils the more I use these the more I just love them..

I coloured both these cute image using the primary set of pencils,unfortunately I can't remember where I got the images from so I can't give the artist a mention!When I had finished coloured I had a little mishap,my tin of pencils fell and landed quite hard so unfortunately I have broken some of the leads inside oh well these things happen I will just have to buy some more!

                                         Dorothy x