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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bangor switches on Christmas lights

Every year here in our little sea side town of Bangor we have a little celebration and switch on of the Christmas tree lights by our wonderful council and Lord Mayor,my wonderful son-in-law works for a lightening company that is usually hired to do the lighting,the castle looks wonderful all brightly lit and the fire works are amazing.It really gets you in the Christmas spirit,my husband and eldest daughter were there as well unfortunately my youngest daughter whose husband does the lights has a slipped disc in her back and couldn't make it but there's always next year! I took a lot of pictures because I am very proud of my little town

there are more lights throughout the town,it is really beautiful,the music was great.

                                        Dorothy x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Finishing my knitted toys

Besides making cards I love to knit but only toys I tried once doing a cardigan for my daughter when she was born (shes now 21) finished it when she was about 5!!! I just seem to lose interest.Anyway I do enjoy these toys and especially at this time of year.I was knitting this Santa and my daughter made the comment he looks like he's wearing a ' onesie' for those who don't know this is a one piece sleep suit and is very on trend at the moment,so I thought why not so instead of finishing him of in the usually coat,I gave him some beautiful green buttons(actually shamballa beads) and here he is,a very trendy Santa in his onesie......
I also put some jingle bells in the ball of his hat,just to jazz him up a bit!
A while ago I knit a clanger again for those who don't know this was a really popular childrens programme a long time ago but you can still find it on u-tube,anyway the one I knit was 'Tiny' clanger and the next in the family is 'Small' clanger so at last I finished this one ....
I have the book with the entire family and the soup dragon but I have so much to do before Christmas that I don't think I will be knitting anymore of them until after then!

                                                 Dorothy x

Friday, 14 November 2014

A dog lovers Christmas card

Well I can't sleep so I'm here still trying to use up some of the papers I've found so I can make room for new ones!!! This was just too cute not to make up,I embossed the paws on the gold background paper they are one of the boards of my ultimate pro brilliant and very easy to use even for some one with arthritic hands!
           the little sleeping puppy is so sweet and in the tags at the top you could put a name or little message.
This next sheet is for fairy lovers ,I found a stash of silver cards so I embossed the front of the card,I have my trusty little cuttlebug and this was one of the cuttlebug folders,it just gave it that some thing,I also added some glitter although it isn't really showing up in the picture....
  I'm also working on some more of the La Pashe flippin cards so hopefully will be putting pictures on over the weekend.

                                        Dorothy x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I admit I'm a craft hoarder

Well I knew sooner or later I would have to admit it......I am indeed a craft hoarder.I can't help buying new things and I sometimes forget what I have.While hunting through some of my craft drawers I found some Christmas sheets that I bought in 2009,so I decided I really should get a move on and make them into cards.This is the first I've made up this evening it's from the La Pashe 'flippin' range really good fun to work with and I have a few more.Firstly the outside of the card.....
    the next picture will show the inside of the card and this ofcourse is where the term 'flippin' comes from.I also used snow acetate as I think it goes well with the theme..
      they are so good when finished.
I have also done a little cross stitch card,it was a free kit with a magazine but again I just love how they look when finished.....
                   not a great picture should really have turned the light of but I have written to Santa this year for a new camera so you never know!!
I am also knitting a Santa at the minute and then I have to knit a 'golfer' for my mother-in-law's friend to give her son ,so all go at the minute but that's how I like it.

                                         Dorothy x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A bit of Reindeer fun!!!

I came across this 'free' download from 'craftsuprint' on the internet and I just couldn't resist.It is so funny and kids will love it (I'm guessing adults will too)
                      The finished card.

I just used milk chocolate balls for the reindeer 'poo' but all the paper was with the download,well apart from the gold backing paper,the main card and the little bag,the sheets come like this....
and are either red like the card I've finished or this lilac/purple.The wording on the poem is really clear I think  maybe my little camera is needing to go into retirement!! but if you haven't been to craftsuprint go have a look there are some brilliant free downloads.

                                            Dorothy x

Sunday, 9 November 2014

My first try at an Advent!

Good evening,my goodness the weather is deffinately getting colder but I do love to be cozy inside on cold days,especially if I'm crafting!! I had this idea in my head for an advent calender without sweets or chocolate because I really think there are enough sweets around at this time of year (well in my house anyway) so I started of by cutting out some images on my cricut explore and then I had to decide the background,it was a choice of 2....

  The black one was ok but I felt a little too dark as really the pictures dont do these any justice,anyway I was more drawn to the blue.
I cut out in total 25 numbered cards and measured 2 holes in each card I then used 2 green metalic pipe cleaners to hold the cards on and this is the finished item.....
the number 25 is stuck to the card but the rest are on the back and they are flicked over each day like so.....
this means its easy for even a small child to operate and a good way to introduce number recognition! Oh no I'm going back to my working in the playgroup days!!

                                             Dorothy x

Friday, 7 November 2014

Seeing Double!!!!

Hello all well between the showers my little ( well not so little cat) Alfie loves to lie in the sunshine in the back garden just at the corner of the shed(he's a little weird that way!) so I was in the kitchen and looked out the window,I had to do a double take,see for yourself.....
look at the right corner that is my Alfie lying on his back but then look on the roof of the far shed ,it looks like Alfie but a shade or 2 lighter.....curious or what!!!???!!
On to a little card I made last night,as usual I was up until the small hours but with having an Explore I can cut without disturbing my hubby.The background was just from my own crafty stash and to be honest I can't remember where I got it but the mini is from Disney Mickey and Friends cart for the cricut and the Santa and reindeers and a subscribed image,the snow flakes are a punch and the stamp was free in crafters companion Inspiration magazine......
                   I must admit I was pleasently suprised with how this one turned out!

                                               Dorothy x